Praise For Tornado's Sir Bodhi

“We have had the extreme pleasure of training Bodhi since July of 2012. He was just turning 7 months when he arrived at K and L Kennels. He came to us well-socialized and ready to get to work, and that is exactly what he did. From day one, Bodhi wanted to learn, and that is a trait that is very special in a Labrador. Mike and I watched his sire, Cruz, run in APLA tests his entire career; we were always impressed with his work ethic and his desire to please. Those traits thankfully bred true in Bodhi.

“As trainers, Mike and I have been blessed to work with some very special animals–Bodhi is definitely one of those dogs. We will always look forward to seeing him again. He is as handsome as he is talented. Bodhi is hard-charging in the field and comfortable and calm in any situation–whether on the line or in the house. He has a beautiful, staunch, natural point and is a rocket in the upland field.

“All dogs require correction while training; how they react to pressure determines how they learn. Bodhi can take corrections and turn them into something positive. He learned the concepts of advanced retriever work quickly and did his best to think his way through new situations. Anyone who says dogs lack the power of reason need only to meet Bodhi, and they will be swayed.

“Bodhi has done excellent work for Mike in the AKC and APLA and is poised to complete is APLA 4x GMPR title earlier than any dog on record. He has already earned his AKC SH title and is a 2x GMPR after the 2013 Spring test season at 18 months of age.

“Just a special note of thanks to Bill and Heather Spaine for their friendship and trust. Their dedication made it possible for us to help Bodhi become the champion that he is today.”

–Mike Lettau and John Koenig of K and L Kennels

For more info about Bodhi, contact Mike Lettau of K & L Kennels. Mike has trained and handled Bodhi since he was 6 months of age.

Phone: 816-616-5942