Stud Services

Bodhi 4x GMPR Stud Services

Documentation Required Prior to Breeding

All females must submit the following documentation at least thirty (30) days prior to breeding or shipment of semen:

  • AKC or UKC registration (title preferred)
  • OFA good or excellent hip registration requied, OFA normal elbow registration preferred
  • Pedigree
  • CERF eye registration
  • Preference will be given to females with APLA titles.

A clear Brucellosis test administered within the past thirty (30) days must also be provided prior to breeding or shipment of semen.

Natural Breeding

If you are planning a natural breeding, please let us know thirty (30) days in advance of your female’s expected heat cycle if at all possible. Natural breedings can be arranged at Bodhi’s home kennel in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Frozen Semen

A minimum of three (3) business days is required for securing the special cryo tank necessary for maintaining the appropriate temperature of the semen during shipping to your vet. Frozen semen for Bodhi is in storage at Zoetis in Kansas City, Missouri.

Chilled Semen Breeding

Notify us when your female comes into heat in order to make arrangements to receive chilled semen. Chilled semen will be shipped overnight directly from our vet at Animal Medical Clinic in Fayetteville, Arkansas, to yours.

Optimizing Breeding Success

When using frozen or chilled semen it is the responsibility of the owner of the female to ensure they are working with a competent and experienced veterinarian. The veterinarian selected for frozen semen breeding must have extensive experience in surgical or transcervical artificial insemination procedures and should have on-site equipment for handling the semen.

Whether a natural breeding or breeding via frozen or chilled semen is desired, it is highly recommended that the female undergo progesterone testing to determine the optimal time during her heat cycle for breeding. Progesterone testing is much more accurate than counting days of of the heat cycle. It is suggested that testing begin on day six (6) of the female’s cycle and that you continue to test every two (2) days. There are two types of progesterone tests; one using a blood sample, which is typically read by a lab outside your vet’s office, and another, which utilizes a “swab” sample, and is typically read by your vet in his or her office. Of the two tests, the blood test is preferred, as it is more accurate.

Stud Fees

Stud Fee $1200

A $250 deposit is due at the time of the breeding. The balance of the stud fee is due with two (2) weeks of the whelping. Once the stud fee has been paid, the signed litter registration papers will be mailed to you. Four puppies will be considered a full litter regardless of whether the breeding was natural, chilled, or frozen. If the breeding results in less than four puppies, the stud fee will be divided by four and multiplied by the number of puppies born. For example, if the breeding results in only three puppies, the stud fee would be reduced to $750. If no puppies are born as a result of the breeding, all but $250 will be $250 of the stud fee will be refunded to you.

The Importance Of Communication

Keeping the lines of communication open throughout the breeding process helps everything go much more smoothly for you, your dog, and your veterinarian (if you’re using chilled or frozen semen). We’d like to hear what’s going on with your female’s general health, progesterone test results, planned shipment date, semen arrival, artificial insemination date, untrasounds, x-rays, and whelping date. And of course, whenever you have questions, we’ll be here to answer them.

More Information

We welcome your questions about Bodhi or about arranging a breeding. Please feel free to call us at (479) 236-8901 for more information (please leave a message if you don’t catch us!).